MSW Gasification

1 MW coal gasification power plant requires 10 Tons of coal / day.

Since the caloric value of MSW Briquettes is about 3000 Kcal/Kg, therefore:

1 MW MSW gasification power plant needs about 20 Tons of MSW Briquettes / day.

We assume this 20 Tons of briquettes will be derived from around 35 or 45 Tons of MSW in the proposed site at small cities

SynGas produced in our system of gasification has the following composition:

CO- 40%,   H2- 30%,   CH4- 11%,   CO2-6 to 8%,  N2-8 to 10%

which has Caloric value of 1800 Kilo Calories /cubic meter.

The Caloric value of Natural Gas is more than twice of Syn-Gas.

Pictures of our gasification unit