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CHAMCO  Partners, Associates and Advisors:

Sohrab ChamanAra
CHAMCO President, 
was graduated as Electrical Engineer from University of London in 1969.
After 18 years working as Electrical and Instrument contractor in Iran imigrated to USA and joined UOP.

As a Senior Design Engineer he was Project Manager of more than twenty petrochemical units at UOP.
After retirement he founded CHAMCO in 1994.
Sohrab ChamanAra has written ten books and these books could be downloaded for free from www.chamanara.us
Email:  Sohrab@CHAMCO.net

John Qumars Naimi
CHAMCO Chiarman,

Graduate of Bremen College, Germany as Mechanical Engineer at 1964
I.T.I. Washington DC at 1968 as Computer Engineering.
Owns and operated Innovation Construction Co until 2009 and been a member of CHAMCO since then.

Email:  Qmarsjohn@aol.com

Professor Adel Sharif
Former CHAMCO Chairman, left the company and has no responsibilty, interest and ties with CHAMCO.
His technology of Solar Seawater Desalination is shared with CHAMCO.

Adel Sharif is Professor of Water Engineering and Process Innovation, and Founder Director of the Centre for Osmosis Research and Applications, (CORA) at the University of Surrey, UK.
Prof. Sharif is a winner of The Queen's 2011 Anniversary Prize for Water Research and the 2005 UK Royal Society Brian Mercer Senior Award for Innovation in Science and Technology.
He is also the winner of the 2008 Science Business first pan-European Academic Enterprise Award in the category of Energy/Environment. CORA water technologies were also awarded the Institute of Chemical Engineers 2011 Innovation and Excellence award in the Water Supply and Management category

Solar Desalination, developed by Professor Adel Sharif
Introducing Professor Adel Sharif
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The company’s patented “manipulated osmosis” technology uses a chemical reaction to separate the salt from the water — a process that uses far less energy. It reduces energy consumption by as much as 30%. The technology was pioneered by Adel Sharif, a professor at Surrey University at 2010
Solution to a Thirsty World : Sea Water without the Salt
Email: a.sharif@aquama.co.uk

Victor V. Berezin
CHAMCO Representative & Vice president in Europe, Director at "Scientific Institute of System Research" Ltd. Working as Engineer of technology of Carbohydrates and Polysaccharides, Kiev State University of  Food Technology (Industry) and Technical Director for Optimizing the use of additives for engine and boiler fuels for large consumers. Utilization and regeneration of used engine and industrial oils and waste water. MSW recycling.
Email: victor@chamco.net @ victorberezin@gmail.com

Ing. Diogenes Reyna
CHAMCO Representative & office in Domincan Republic
Tel.: +829-535-2364
Cel.: +809-707- 4185


Armen Saginian
CHAMCO Vice President,  P.E., is a professional engineer.
His field of specialty is systems engineering in interdisciplinary applications.
His largest project was the Project Leader of renovation of 66,000 villages, housing, water, education, agriculture, power, and self-sufficiency in every respect, from dark ages to 20th century in Iran.
A $30 Billion project, at 1975, which after two years intense negotiations was to be inaugurated. it was funded and scheduled to happen.  It was left dormant because of 1979 revolution.

Frank ChamanAra
Vice President
he obtained Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago, and worked as software engineer in the silicon valley for three years before specializing in the area of cellular network management systems, and worked with many cellular operators around the world. Currently residing in Santiago, Chile as CHAMCO Vice President

Dina Kandil CHAMCO Exclusive Representative in Morocco and President of CHAMCO Morocco LLC
Email: dina-kandil@hotmail.com